Math Club

Advisor: Mr. Whitmer

Membership would be higher-end-math students with the intent of

·      enriching their mathematical experience;

·      enhancing students’ problem-solving abilities;

·      intensifying their logical thinking;

·      discovering the fun side of mathematics

·      and build important critical thinking skills.


The Math Club will meet bi-monthly.  The format, which will undoubtedly evolve over time, will include:

·      introducing members to mathematical topics they may never have seen (such as mathematical induction or graph theory);

·      working on logical brain teasers and mathematical puzzles

·      student presentations of any topic in math or logic

·      competitions either intra-club or against other schools if such opportunities present themselves

·      guest speakers on an apropos branch of mathematics.


Ultimate benefits of this club are:

·      Increase math knowledge

·      Gain friendships through the world of mathematics

·      Improve college admission prospects

·      Enjoy math

·      Increase SAT scores

·      Raise academic stature of EPHS