Anime Club
Thanks for checking out the Anime Club at Elmwood Park High School!

The Anime Club meets weekly on Thursdays at 3pm. We will be using a new platform to view remotely for the start of the school year using Google Classroom/Google Meet:

During the meeting we will be watching three different series. So on the first meeting of the season, we'll watch episode 1 of each series. Week two we will watch episode 2 of each of the three series, and so on.

You're welcome to stay for the first episode and leave, stay to watch all four shows or leave whenever you need to.

Anime Club is broken into three seasons for the school year. There will be unique shows in the Fall, then a new set of shows in the Winter, and then new shows in the Spring. 

So if you can't come to the club in the Fall because of a sport or another club, you can start fresh in the winter and start from the beginning of the new shows we'll be showing.
If you have any questions, you can find me in Room 504 or email me at

I look forward to seeing new and returning club members!

Be sure to sign up on the google classroom page to keep up to date on any announcements.

-Mr. Borchers
Club Photo