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Why Social Studies? Why History?

I am often asked this question by students, peers and professors of mine. I think I may have found the quickest way to answer this question with the help of an old cartoon. Now I say old cartoon, but this was on somewhere in the 2000's. I don't think it had many seasons, but back to the question at hand. This cartoon is called "Time Squad" and it involved 3 unlikely friends jumping back in time to enforce the past, to protect the future. A quick example, when the Wright Brother's decided to give up on creating their flying machine, that we now call an airplane, our heroes jumped back in time to fix that issue - and great thing they did! 

Let me bring this cartoon to reality here. If we do not research, learn, analyze, research again, or ignore the past - humanity is doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Yes, many mistakes have been repeated over and over! Let us just take a broad example...World War I and World War II. Twice a world war! Being able to think critically about the world around us helps us to understand ourselves. College will be there before you know it ladies and gentlemen, and then the career of your choice. Repeating the same mistake of oversleeping to your 8am class will yield the result of your professor dropping you. Learn from the mistakes. Why did the Kings and Queens of England slowly start to shift power away from themselves to their people? Why were the people so angry and the Kings and Queens and revolting? How does that make the royals feel? And to throw into that mix, what were the other countries around England doing at the same time? England today is far from what it once was in the past. 

These stories were not recorded just for the purpose of someone wanting to write, but so that people may learn. So that you may learn. So that you may learn to think, think, and think again. Research. To not make the same mistakes and doom yourself. Well, by this logic...if enough people can do this...will the world stop making the same mistakes?